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The R3PACK consortium gathers 34 organisations from 7 different countries, bringing together key actors from the food value chain, from the packaging manufacturer to the retailer, combined with experts in the food sector from companies providing innovative solutions to Universities.


Within R3PACK, (RE)SET will take care of the consortium's coordination and drive the action to ensure the due delivery of expected results. 

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(RE)SET is the first integrated consulting firm - strategy, innovation, consultation - dedicated to environmental and economical transition.


Within R3PACK, both retailers will ensure the demonstration and experimentation of the substitution and reuse solutions developed within the project by directly involving 15 stores (Hyper, Super, Proxi) in Spain, Belgium and 15 in France (Systeme U).


Système U is a cooperative group of independent retailers composed of the Hyper U, Super U, U express and Utile brands. Système U is the 4th largest French food distribution group.


The 6 industrials cover altogether 13 food categories (snacks, salads, yoghurts, cheese, ...) within which plastic packaging aims to be substituted or made reusable. 


Altho is a major player and leader in the French and Portuguese market of potato crisps. During the past year, Altho identified, evaluated, and tested over 20 new sustainable packaging solutions  with the aim of implementing better solutions.


Biscuits Bouvard is a family business specialized in the manufacture of private-label and own-brand biscuits and cakes. 


Cérélia is an expert baker in dough manufacturing (pie, pizza, pastry, crepes, waffles, pancakes and cookies).
Products are sold through Cérélia customers’ brands and local own-brands. 


Frandex (Europe Snacks) group has become one of the main players on the French market for private label savoury snacks and the leader in the stacked chips segment. 


ECLOR is the beverage division of AGRIAL cooperative group. Historically present on the cider market (Loïc Raison and Ecusson), Eclor is diversifying its offer and committing itself to the revalorization of cider in France.


EURIAL is the milk division of AGRIAL cooperative group. They collects traditional and organically farmed cow’s and goat’s milk that are processed into dairy products and speciality ingredients, before making its way to markets, out-of-home caterers and commercial companies.


Floréale is Agrial’s agri-food affiliated company. Floréale's main goal is the acquisition of interests in all industrial or service companies operating in the field of fruit and vegetables.

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Lesieur is a subsidiary of the Avril Group and a major player in the production and marketing of vegetable edible oils and condiment sauces.


LSDH Group is the leading producer of ambient and refrigerated fruit juices, and one of the last independent producers of drinking milk in France. LSDH is the inventor of the first PET milk bottle.


Monin is a French company producing and marketing syrups, liqueurs and fruit purees, primarily intended for commercial use (hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.)


Révillon is a French chocolate factory founded in Lyon in 1898 and is parto of Groupe Savencia.


Rians is a familiy-run business based in the town of Rians. They are making  unique and gourmet "faisselles" cottage cheese, cheeses and desserts.


Savencia is an international food group divided in 2 catégories: Gourmet (a major player in dairy processing ) and Fromage & Dairy (an international player in Food Service sweetened gastronomy, present in supermarkets in France, with strong brands in charcuterie and seafood).


Schreiber is  a customer-brand leader in cream cheese, natural cheese, process cheese, beverages and yogurt.


Sodebo is a family-owned food company. Present in supermarkets, the company is best known for its sandwiches, pizzas, salads and Pastaboxes.


CANDIA is a corporate entity of the dairy cooperative SODIAAL Group specialised in formulating, manufacturing, packaging and supplying milk-based dairy products and derivatives thereof.

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The 6 industrials cover altogether 13 food categories (snacks, salads, yoghurts, cheese, ...) within which plastic packaging aims to be substituted or made reusable. 


SAFE is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels whose main objective is to increase the protection of consumers in the food and agricultural sectors by promoting healthy and sustainable food systems in the optic of reducing related health risks, as well as the environmental impact.


SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. Their laboratory expertise on the food packaging reuse consists of chemical and physical analysis to assess the food safety of reusable packaging. 


University of Bologna, the oldest university in Italy, will work on the optimisation of packaging reuse strategies and decision-support to design integrated, sustainable and resilient logistic networks for reusable packaging.

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Enablers are solution providers and technology processors allowing the upscale of fibre-based packaging solutions and reusable packaging.


BIM Kemi is a family-owned company focusing on the development and manufacturing of specialty chemicals and concepts to help the pulp and paper industry to develop new and long-term sustainable products and processes. 


Bioextrax’s main expertise is a biobased process for PHA extraction which relies on a cell-lysing bacteria. Within R3PACK, they will contribute by extracting the needed PHA for the paper based packaging solutions.


FiberLean Technologies Ltd. have developed a cost-effective and energy efficient process to produce microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) suspensions improving the strength of paper and cardboard.


Gascogne Flexible is an expert in a broad range of processing and printing technologies for multilayer paper and film laminates. Gascogne has a wide range of techniques to support the paper production process.


Guillin Emballages and Thiolat are Groupe Guillin affiliated companies. The group is a European packaging manufacturer for food contact applications. Guillin is specialised in flexible packaging.


The whole group produces and sells 17 500 different references of packaging in recyclable material: from PET and PP to cardboard and molded cellulose. Thiolat is specialised in rigid packaging.

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